How to set up a French easel

How to set up a French easel

First-time North Light author George Durkee is back at home in Murphys, CA, after spending nine inspiring days at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. (He got in 25 hours of life drawing in five days!) He’s now gearing up for his book’s release at the end of October.

In the beautiful Expressive Oil Painting: An Open-Air Approach to Creative Landscapes, George shares tricks of the trade to encourage you to paint inspired and engaging landscapes that capture your own unique impressions of the world around you. It covers nine in-depth painting demos, all of the fundamentals of oil painting, plus a diverse sampling of ideas and approaches for capturing mood, light, movement, painting en plein air and determining accurate reference values.

George’s passion is painting outside in nature. Here he demonstrates how to set up a French easel, an important piece of equipment that helps artists paint efficiently en plein air.

1. Extend one of the side legs to full length and tighten the nut.

2. Bring the leg into position and fasten it in place.

3. Extend the other side leg.

4. Unfold the second leg and fasten it in place.

5. Unfold the center leg.

6. Stand the easel upright and arrange your materials.

You can pre-order Expressive Oil Painting at northlightshop.com, or look for it in stores Oct. 30!

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